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Cold Choices:

Tossed Salad with Assorted Dressings
Mixed field greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheddar
cheese, and croutons. Served with homemade
ranch, red french, and balsamic vinaigrette dressings.

-Classic Caesar Salad
Chopped romaine lettuce, grated parmesan cheese,
croutons, and a creamy Caesar dressing.

-Creative Signature Salad
Mixed field greens, parmesan cheese, hard
cooked egg, croutons and a sweet mustard vinaigrette.

-Spinach Salad
Fresh baby spinach, crumbled feta cheese,
dried cranberries. Served with homemade ranch
and balsamic vinaigrette dressings.

-Michelle’s Salad
Mixed field greens, crumbled blue cheese, apple
slices, walnuts, and poppy seed dressing.

-Pasta Salad (Signature or Italian)
Signature: Rotini pasta, homemade ranch
dressing, bacon and tomatoes.

Italian: Rotini pasta, tomatoes, cheese, extra
virgin olive oil, vinegar, and spices.

-Fresh Cut Fruit (Tray or Salad)
Pineapple, melons, grapes, and strawberries.
(other fruits included when in season)

-Garden Fresh Vegetable Tray
Garden fresh broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots
served with a creamy ranch dip.

-Cole Slaw
Fresh shredded cabbage and carrots with
a sweet creamy homemade dressing.

-Potato Salad
Diced potatoes, onion, celery and spices
in a creamy mustard sauce.

-Caprese Salad
Sliced mozzarella, tomato and basil drizzled with balsamic glaze
(seasonally available).

-Freddie Salad
Romaine lettuce, bacon pieces, diced tomato tossed in our house
made ranch dressing.

Hot Choices:

-Italian Mostaccioli
Penne pasta, parmesan, provolone, and mozzarella
cheeses mixed with a zesty red pasta sauce.

-Creative Signature Pasta
Penne pasta, zucchini, yellow squash, minced garlic,
mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and parmesan
cheese mixed with a white wine, butter sauce.

- Pesto Pasta
Bowtie pasta mixed with a creamy homemade pesto sauce.

- Mediterranean Pasta
Penne Pasta, artichoke hearts, capers, roasted
red peppers, olive tapenade, and extra virgin olive oil.

- Macaroni and Cheese
Penne Noodle mixed with four cheeses
and in a creamy sauce.

- Spring Couscous
Traditional couscous with, zucchini, yellow squash,
minced garlic, mushrooms, roasted red peppers.

- Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Real mashed potatoes with minced roasted garlic and butter.

- Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Real sweet potatoes, mashed with cream and butter.

- Candied Sweet Potatoes
Quartered sweet potatoes with brown sugar and butter.

-Roasted Parsley Red Skin Potatoes
Red skinned, golden fleshed potatoes, quartered
and seasoned with butter, parsley and spices.

-Celery & Sage Bread Stuffing
Traditional bread stuffing with onion, celery,
butter, sage and other spices.

- White and Wild Rice
An assortment of white and wild rice with butter and spices.

- Corn Pudding
Sweet and moist Southern classic dish, baked
and drizzled with golden honey.

- Baked Potato
Fresh baked potato served with butter
and sour cream on the side.

- Twice Baked Potatoes (+$.50/person)
Potato halves with cheddar cheese, bacon,
and chives piped and browned in the shell.

- Sour Cream Potatoes
Sliced white potatoes with a creamy cheddar cheese sauce.

-Seasoned Green Beans
Green beans seasoned with onions and pork drippings.

-Green Bean Casserole
Green beans, cream of mushroom soup
and topped with fried onions.

-Grilled Garden Vegetables
Garden fresh zucchini, squash, mushrooms,
roasted red peppers and garlic.

-Steamed Asparagus (+$1.00/person)
Fresh whole asparagus spears with
extra virgin olive oil and spices.

-Steamed Broccoli
Fresh broccoli crowns with butter and spices.

-Steamed Vegetable Medley
Fresh broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots, served
with butter and spices.

-Buttered Sweet Yellow Corn
Sweet whole kernel corn served with butter and spices.

-Glazed Baby Carrots
Fresh baby carrots glazed with butter and brown sugar.

-Creative Company Carrots
Fresh baby carrots mixed with a creamy
horseradish and spices.

-Homemade Baked Beans
Homemade pork based beans with brown sugar and spices.

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