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The change in the seasons means colder weather and warmer food. The Cincinnati region is known for its chili, and here across the border is no different! As you are planning the menu for your next cold weather event, consider having chili as the main dish!


At Be Creative Catering, we can make chili festive and fun by offering a variety of toppings and hot sauces for a toppings bar. Add a selection of pastas and a variety of cheeses and you’ve really got some Cincinnati chili going!


Depending on the home region of your guest or the expansiveness of your guests’ palates all sorts of different chilis dishes that can be made as well. Here are some various chili dishes from around the U.S.:


  • San Antonio, TX is the home of Chili Con Carne, translated “chili with meat,” which started out in the late 1860s as dried beef, suet, dried chili peppers, and salt, more contemporary recipes include a wider variety of flavors such as cumin and garlic.
  • Texas is also known for what is called Texas Red Chili, similar to chili con carne, except it does not have any beans.
  • New Mexico is known for its Frito Pie, using corn chips or tortilla strips, then topping it with salsa, sour cream, refried beans, onions, or jalapeños.
  • Colorado and New Mexico both claim Chili Verde, or “green chili,” distinguished by the use of green tomatillos, green chiles, and pork, with a more tart flavor than other variations.
  • The origins of White Chili are unknown, but this mild chili variation is unique for not having any tomatoes, and containing white beans and chicken, often topped by white cheddar.
  • Coney Dogs were originated by Greek and Macedonian immigrants in the early 1900s who entered the US through Ellis Island and served this dish at Coney Island, NYC. Over the years it has taken on many regional variations but is known most strongly as a staple of the food culture of Detroit, MI.


At Be Creative Catering, we love to partner with you, cooking up a menu that will satisfy your appetite and delight your taste buds. We are Northern Kentucky’s premier choice for parties, family gatherings, and weddings, providing clients with creative guidance in menu planning and presentation. Be Creative Catering is a perfect blend of creativity and reliability. When you book an event with Travis and Michelle Faris, owners, and operators of Be Creative Catering, we will happily spice up your next event!

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