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Some think that the word ‘trend’ is an ugly word… temporary, fleeting, possibly tacky? Ill-thought blips on the screen that will disappear with the turning of the season. What if we rethought ‘trends,’ especially wedding trends, as a positive aspect to wedding planning? The ability to add to the never-ending roster of personalized possibilities to pull from when planning your big day? It’s rare that new trends actually replace old trends, but rather they cycle through and morph decade-long traditions into current versions of themselves. When we speak of trends, we are speaking of options! The more options, the better- because that’s where you can make your wedding day as personalized and unique as you desire.


With cooler temperatures and changing leaves right around the calendar corner, we would like to highlight a few popular fall menu trends that are sure to make your special day shine. As the weather starts to cool, your guests will be craving intensely flavored, rich meals that go beyond the normal meat and salad combo. Timeless classics as well as in-season produce make a perfect pair for our fall wedding.


A beloved fall food is soup! Consider replacing the traditional ‘salad as a starter’ with several varieties of soups. Their warmth and heartiness will bring nostalgia and joy to your guests, and they also have an informal way of breaking down any stuffy barriers at the beginning of your reception. Consider squash bisque served from pumpkins, or butternut squash soup with a pinch of blue cheese as a garnish. If you stick to the traditional salad, add hearty seasonal elements such as aged cheddar, roasted walnuts, grapes, figs, or pumpkin seeds. And for the best of both worlds, do mini-portions of both soup and salad!


The main course can never falter if one sticks to the classics- roasted chicken, beef filet, or salmon; these staples are timeless through any season. Special garnishes or sauces can seasonally update any of these classics. Consider offering a less-traditional main course option to personalize your menu. Mini Pot Pies filled with fall root vegetables will bring a taste of fall to everyone’s plate. Racks of lamb, Cornish hens, and other non-traditional meat offerings are a popular trend in fall wedding menus as well.


The sweet stuff can be the most ‘trend-setting’ part of your wedding planning. While over-the-top dessert bars with countless selections have been popular over the last few years, we are seeing a shift in the more subtle direction. For the fall months, simple and beloved classics such as apple pie tarts, gooey brownies, and smothered s’mores will set your guests’ at ease. A more elegant option could include serving these staples as a mini-trio, aligning 3 simple classics in bite-size portions on an elegant serving dish. 


Each season brings its own gifts to the wedding planning world, and each year the trends that are followed add to the endless options. Don’t be afraid to step back in time and find a fall wedding menu trend that speaks to your tastes… be a trend-setter! Be Creative Catering is well versed in the art of tweaking, morphing, and changing wedding trends to suit each individual client. From starter, main course, to a sweet finish, the team at Be Creative Catering is ready to help you plan your special, fall day!