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Your wedding meal is arguably the most important part of your wedding planning. Food can often be a big portion of your budget and deserves devoted time and energy in its planning. Contracting with a caterer who is personal and willing to make accommodations to meet your needs is vital to creating a menu that exudes intimacy and personalization. An experienced and versatile caterer will not only offer a wide array of menu options, but they should also be flexible with their serving methods.

How you serve your food to your guests communicates just as much about your event as the food choices you make.

Buffet Style is a user friendly style that allows for guests to essentially choose their own meal. It remains the most cost effective option and also is a crowd-pleaser. The food is able to stay hot longer and guests are able to cater their own plates with the different options provided. While casual, there are upgrades and add-ons that can make a buffet style meal really stand out.

Family Style serving is a unique way to create lasting memories. A conversation starter for sure, this style of serving evokes a sense of intimacy and familiarity as each table will pass large platters of food. This serving option pairs well with comfort food options as they remind guests of what ‘home’ might feel like.

Food Stations are best for the ‘all-out party.’ Strategically placing food stations around your event allows guests to graze at their leisure, mingle among friends, and keep the party going! This serving option works well for clients who are not focused on a specific timeline. Stations also allows for an eclectic menu mix-up; if you want to serve different cuisines, or perhaps just contrasting menu choices, putting them in separate stations allows for them to co-exist without clashing.

Plated Meals are a more formal option. When serving plated meals you are often limited to specific food choices (often ones that present well on a plate) and as a result, your guests are unable to choose what they would like to eat. Choosing a plated meal event limits guests socializing as they are confined to their seat during the duration of the meal.

All of these serving options come with positives and negatives that need to align with your vision for your special day. Regardless of your choice, there are always additional ways to add uniqueness and memories to your event. Extra appetizers, special cocktails, wine and food pairings, or personalized desserts are among the many options to consider when upgrading your menu.

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