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Trays & Such

Deluxe Meat and Cheese Tray: $3.25
Sliced Ham, Roast Beef, Turkey, Swiss, and American Cheese.  Includes White, Wheat, and Rye Bread, Mayonnaise, and Mustard
Add Four Selections from the Buffet Accompaniments Page to Make This a Complete Buffet Package: $4.25 additional

Finger Sandwich Tray: $50.00 (Serves 30 people)

An Assortment of Turkey, Roast Beef, Ham, and Chicken Salad Croissants, and Mini Sandwiches

Party Subs: 3 Foot $45.00 (Serves 20 people)

Italian – Ham, Salami, Pepperoni, Provolone Cheese, Shredded Lettuce, Sliced Tomatoes, Red Onions, Pickles, Oregano, Salt, Pepper, Mayonnaise, and Italian Dressing. Sliced into individual sandwiches

Build Your Own Sub. 

You choose the Meat (s), Cheeses, and Toppings. Sliced and Served with Mayonnaise and Mustard on the side

Fruit Tray: $40.00 (Serves 30 people)

Seasonal Fruit Selections including Pineapple, Oranges, Grapes, and Strawberries.

Deluxe Vegetable Tray: $35.00 (Serves 30 people)

Broccoli, Cauliflower, Baby Carrots, Celery Sticks, and Tomatoes Served with Ranch Dip

Chunk Cheese and Smoked Meat Tray: $50.00 (Serves 30 people)

An Assortment of Colby, Co Jack, Swiss, Sharp Cheddar, and Hot Pepper Cheese Cubed and Served with Smoked Meats and Assorted Crackers.
These menu options are available for pick up and drop off orders only.