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Your wedding day should be a day of near-perfection! Months of planning, investments in large-scale decisions like reception venues all the way down to the tiniest of details…all the aspects of your special day should be held to a high standard! Your food is included in that standard! In 2020, no one should be experiencing ‘typical wedding food’ and writing it off as a given that it will be bland, boring, carb-heavy, and forgettable.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice taste or your health on your special day; healthy wedding catering is not only trending North, but it is a true treat when executed correctly. World-wide health trends are steadily rising and leaning towards environmentally-friendly food choices as well as foods that fit within a healthy caloric intake or other dietary restrictions. At Be Creative Catering, Northern Kentucky Wedding and Event Catering, years of experience in crafting creative, innovative, and delicious menus gives owners/operators Michelle and Travis Faris the ammunition to fire away at both nutritious and delicious options.

Eating local produce can make a large difference in how your wedding food tastes. We encourage you to step into a discussion about where your catered meal is sourced. Think about different ways you can partner with local farmers. Using local crops, honeys, and jams will boost your local economy and also the taste of your meal! Perhaps a special aspect of your meal can be locally sourced; the salad course, or a veggie tray constructed of vegetables from the nearest farmers market. Oftentimes, your caterer will have built relationships with local farmers and distributors of local products and they can act as your best liaison between the farm and the table.

Including a healthy drink option is key to keeping your guests and wedding party hydrated during your festivities. Not only does a non-alcoholic ‘mock-tail’ offer a different option for those that choose to not imbibe, but it provides a hydrating option that goes above and beyond a bottle of water. You could craft a fruit smoothie to be served to all guests at a certain point during your celebration, or you could set up fruit-infused water stations around your event to allow for flexibility.

Like any healthy living choice, it’s all about balance…your meal should have balance. If you want to serve fried tidbits and cream-based appetizer bites, dips, and other savory hors d’oeuvres, maybe you serve a lighter main-meal that is light on carb options? Or, maybe you want a heavier, more formal plated meal…consider the appetizers and desserts that will bookend that meal–they should be lighter to help balance what could be a high-calorie, high-carbohydrate main course.

When you partner with Be Creative Catering, we will help guide your menu decisions by considering all aspects of a healthy, nutritious, and delicious meal. Locally sourced ingredients paired with creative meal planning will result in an unforgettable meal that won’t bust your waistline or your wallet! Stay healthy, stay creative, and stay true to your dreams for your perfect wedding day!