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Are you in the midst of trying to figure out what your wedding will look like in the midst of COVID-19 restrictions and ever changing plans? Does a scaled back guest list have you feeling blue? Already rescheduled your wedding once or twice? Now is the perfect time to lean into what is possible in these times, by embracing these 2021 trends.

  1. Self-Contained Appetizers

These days have brought out the creativity in so many people, including the catering industry! Pre-pandemic, charcuterie displays were all the rage, but they don’t lend themselves well to these times. Now, individually portioned appetizers allow for both tasty bites and an additional opportunity to showcase your sense of style. Some ideas include individual boxes of charcuterie, using mini Chinese style takeout containers, and appetizers served on skewers.

  1. Bottled or Self Serve Cocktails

To cut down on bar lines ask caterer to have some staff available to pass signature drinks to your guests as they mingle.

  1. Outdoor Cooking

Wood fire ovens can be rented for our catering staff to use to make pizza stations and / or flatbread stations as a late-night snack or smaller guest count. We love cookouts, but our catering staff would do all the grilling and the guests can pile on all the toppings!

  1. Elaborate Dinners

Had to scale back your guest list? Scale up the glamour! If your budget is allowing for you to pick quality when you’re not able to pick quantity, your meal can be enhanced with high-end wines, gourmet cuisine, and beautiful table settings. You can even scale up further with multiple course meals.

  1. Plant-Based Options

You don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy food that creately combined and on the lighter side calorically. As food sustainability and healthy eating become more of a focus in culture at large, those same ethos can be utilized in your wedding meal, providing your guest with food that is good and good for you!

  1. Food Favorites

With intimate guest lists come intimate knowledge of family favorites and individual palettes. Your meal can be quite literally catered toward the preferences of your guests. Embrace family recipes and crowd pleasing comfort food.

At Be Creative Catering, we love to partner with you, cooking up a menu that will satisfy your appetite and delight your taste buds. We are Northern Kentucky’s premier choice for parties, family gatherings, and weddings, providing clients with creative guidance in menu planning and presentation. Be Creative Catering is a perfect blend of creativity and reliability. When you book an event with Travis and Michelle Faris, owners and operators of Be Creative Catering, we will happily enhance your next event!

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