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You want your wedding to be something that will be remembered, but it’s also a time when you can invite people to be reminded of their own experiences: time spent gathered with family and friends, cool summer nights with blinking lightning bugs and buzzing cicadas. Your favorite nostalgic treats can evoke all sorts of memories that will enhance your wedding gathering.

Your wedding menu can reflect your love story by pointing to experiences you’ve had together. Met at a summer camp? Enjoy going camping together? S’mores might be just the thing!

What pairs better with a late summer night than a bonfire and s’mores? At Be Creative Catering we can put together elevated presentations of your favorite treats, creating not just a meal, but an experience.

Guests will enjoy taking a break from the dance floor to cozy up alongside one another and  toast marshmallows, learning who likes them lightly toasted, who likes them well done, and who likes them just warmed enough to be gooey. 

Want more connection and camaraderie between your guests? Encourage a friend who plays guitar to lead some campfire songs. Or encourage guests to tell stories about what they have in common, you and your new spouse! Your guests will leave your wedding having connected with one another in a new and unique way, strengthening the bonds of your newly formed family and your newly expanded network of friends.

S’mores can be served with a variety of chocolates or toppings, nut butters or fruits. Be Creative Catering can provide a menu of suggested ingredients that taste great together. Pair it with a chocolate fountain and you’re creating an experience that will be talked about for years to come.

And, when your anniversary comes around, making s’mores together can be a fun tradition to be reminded of the fun that everyone had at your wedding.

Let Be Creative Catering work with you to make your special event one that fits you and your partner’s relationship and helps to create memories for all of your guests. If you are a new client, we are excited to meet you and customize your special event to your taste and preferences. If you are a returning client, we thank you for your business and look forward to customizing things even further for your own ideal experience!

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