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Other Entrée Options:

                   -Sliced Top Round of Beef in Gravy: $13.00
                   Seasoned with our signature spice rub and slowly roasted to optimal tenderness and
                   served in our rich homemade brown gravy.

                   -Sliced Turkey in Gravy (All White Meat): $14.00
                   Slow roasted all white meat turkey breast served in our rich homemade turkey gravy.
                   -Stuffed Pork Chops: $15.00
                   Hand cut center loin chop stuffed with our homemade signature celery and sage stuffing.
                   -Beef Tips and Noodles: $13.00
                   Extra lean beef tips slow simmered in homemade brown gravy with wide egg noodles.

                   -Pulled Pork BBQ: $13.00
                   Homemade pork bbq, slow roasted and pulled off of the bone served in our signature bbq
                   -Creative Signature Meatloaf: $13.00
                   Classic homemade favorite with a creative twist. Made from USDA ground round,
                   tomatoes, onions, and our signature spice blend.
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